Current Events This Week

Cornell Related

  • Cornell has suspended its 5th Fraternity since the start of the semester, Kappa Alpha Psi.
  • A hearing board deemed Mitch McBride not guilty of violating the Campus Code of Conduct when he shared documents containing possible changes to financial aid with the Cornell Daily Sun.


  • Stocks were trading flat for the most part as investors look forward to the results of the French election and quarterly earning reports from firms.
  • Visa reported better than expected quarterly results and as a result has issued a $5M buyback of its class A stock.


  • Voting for a new French president is set to begin on Sunday and is currently locked between 4 candidates.
  • President Donald Trump opened an investigation into whether steel imports from China and other nations were a threat to national security.


  • Bose is currently facing a class action lawsuit amidst allegations of the company collecting private user data through its wireless headphones and then selling it to third parties.
  • Verizon reported its first ever net customer loss with almost 400,000 people leaving the network in the beginning of 2017


  • US Prepares to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
  • Amidst the Venezuelan protests against the government, numerous foreign companies have been pushed out. The latest of these has been GM, which had existed in the country since 1948.