Current Events This Week

Cornell Related

  • The School of Hotel Administration hosts its 92nd annual conference Hotel Ezra Cornell.
  • Cornell was recently awarded $7million by the Department of Transportation to lead infrastructure research.


  • Geese may migrate south for the winter, but Canada Goose’s IPO certainly headed north, ending the day up 26% at $16.08 and a company valuation of $1.7 Bn.
  • Boeing, the US, and an unspecified international company made a $3.4 Bn deal for new and renovated Apache attack helicopters. Markets have rebounded 250% since their low eight years ago. 


  • Tesla has raised $1.2 billion, approximately 20% more than expected, through the sale of common shares and convertible debt.
  • Given a Trump presidency and positive economic outlook, investments banks are on pace for substantial growth with return on equity to increase by 5%.


  • Apple is looking to broaden its reach and is planning on investing $500 million into R&D centers in China.
  • The race to dominate the autonomous vehicle market is heating up with Google taking Uber to court on accusations that former Google workers now employed by Uber stole proprietary information from Google. 


  • Mark Rutte, the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands is preparing to extend his stay in office after getting re-elected for a 3rd term as Prime Minister.
  • Paul Ryan and the Senate Intelligence Committee see no evidence supporting Trump Wiretap claims.